I bought a Majestouch MINILA-R Convertible.

公開日: 2020年09月14日最終更新日: 2021年10月17日

Lately, my covetousness has not stopped. I bought a keyboard that caught my eye.
FILCO's Majestouch MINILA-R Convertible Silent Red Axis, a new model released on August 05, 2020.


I used to use a Majestouch Convertible 2 ten-keyless keyboard, but the mouse would occasionally hit the keyboard, so I decided to use a smaller keyboard to see if it would be better.
Maybe it's just that the position of the mouse is too far inside to operate it. Haha, I could also use a trackball. I can't afford to waste more money, though.

The keys actually feel good, and despite being compact, they are not strangely placed, and the Fn key is also in the thumb position, making it easy to operate in combination with the Fn key.
I especially like that the cursor keys are assigned to the home position of the left hand.
Until now, every time I used the cursor keys, my hand would leave the home position, but now that there are no cursor keys in the previous position, that is no longer the case. If I had used the cursor keys in the first place, I might have been offended.

However, there are some operations that can go wrong.
Sometimes I press the Fn key to try to press the no-conversion key because of the Fn key, and sometimes I wonder what I'm supposed to do when I use Shift and the cursor keys in combination, and sometimes I press the E/J key for the Esc key. And sometimes I press the E/J key for the Esc key.

By the way, I like the silent red axis best on the CHERRY MX switches, and I like Realforce even better.

I'd really like to write about Android, but I have to write about it because I'm going to buy the thing and I have to write a story about it. I think that's a good thing.
Nevertheless, a keyboard is something you touch throughout the day, so if it's something you like, it makes you feel good. I'm glad I bought it.

Keyboard, mouse ...... direct contact with the parts of the keyboard and mouse, spend money here and you will be happy